Tender projects

VNT2020-1 Tender

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GINOP 1.2.1-16 Tender

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GINOP-2.1.1-15-2016-01063 Tender

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GINOP-1.2.1-15-2015-00499 Tender

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GOP-1.3.1-11/C-2011-0338 Tender: PLASTIC-FORM LTD. innovative operations development

Within the frame of New Széchenyi Plan Economic Development Operative Program, and the announced subject of "support the utilization of Innovation results for SMEs" (GOP-1.3.1-11 / C) PLASTIC-FORM Ltd has been supported to the submitted project in this category. PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. device procurement and tendering activity was realized during the period of 03.27.2012. -23.11.2012. Two new devices (machining center, type: MCV 1000 SPRINT, and Testo thermal camera) have been installed at the company.

ÉAOP-1.1.1/D-11-2011-0066 Tender: Tool manufacturing facilities expansion

PLASTIC-FORM Ltd.’s currently used plant and office building was built in 2007.

The company significantly extended the manufacturing and service activities in the past four years. The number of employees nearly doubled, as well as significant technological improvements has been implemented in our company. After the rapid development we grew the new plant faster than expected, which seemed big enough in 2007. That is why we started to design the building extension of the existing plant.

In parallel with completion of plans in 2011 we put in an application to the announced subject of "Site Development" (1.1.1-11 NOGPOP / D) within the frame of the Operative Program in the Northern Plains. As part of tender beside the plant extension, we were planning to purchase an overhead crane. Thanks to the successful tender, after making the supporting contract, we ordered the overhead crane and started selecting the contractor and the construction itself. Except minor changes in technical content due the construction, the implementation of our project went smoothly. The construction was finished in October of 2012 and in the meantime the installation of a new crane has been done. PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. put in practice the new building and the production has begun.

The total value of the investment is 63.041.762 HUF. From this amount 31.520.881 HUF (50%) within the frame of New Széchenyi Plan based on our lodged application NOGPOP 1.1.1-11 / D-2011-0066 is the obtained support with no refunds. The development has been implemented by PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. during the period of 02.09.2012 - 12.21.2012.

By finishing of the new 357 m2 workshop our company has the opportunity to enlarge the volume of production and service activity. In order to achieve this, we have already increased the number of employees by 4 people undertaken in the tender.

GOP-2.1.1-11/A-2011-0167 Tender: Machine Tooling Development

Within the frame of the application, a type of FANUC robocut 1Ie / AWF / 5 / Z310 wire EDM equipment was purchased and installed. To purchase of the machine, 13.148.160 HUF was provided by the European Union and the Hungarian State.

GOP-1.3.1-10/A-2010-0030 Tender: Preparing a prototype of an intelligent tool

PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. designs and produces various injection and blow molding tools for the production of plastic products. Since the late 2000’s, the tools to manufacture automotive parts became determinant. Against to these tools higher than average quality standards expectations are underpinned by the customers (both directly and indirectly, the various car manufacturers).

In 2010, our company has submitted an application announced within the frame of the Economic Development Operative Program, with the subject of "Support Corporate Innovation" (GOP-1.3.1 / A). In the frame of the innovation project we wanted to make a prototype of a "Smart Tool", which is "actively involved" into the production of plastic products due the operation.

Thanks to our successful tender, our project was accomplished. During the project implementation 6 pieces, appropriate for product-making "prototype" tool was completed which are suitable to produce air guide elements used in the preparation of car manufacturing. The project 'technical content' accomplished based on the original plan.

Total value of the innovative development is 93.725.299 HUF. From this amount 47.096.963 HUF (50.25%) within the frame of New Hungary Development Plan based on our lodged application GOP-1.3.1-10/A-2010-0030 is the obtained support with no refunds. The development has been implemented by PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. during the period of 01.10.2010. - 08.28.2012.

The finished tools have been introduced for more plastics company. Tools will be soon given out for testing.

If the tests will be successful, sales of the first tool can already take place during this year based on the new design.

GOP 2.1.1.-08/B-2008-0185 Tender

Under the proposals, which the European Union and the Hungarian Government provided assistance amounting of 35.201.000 HUF, the following improvements were carried out:

  • HP ProLiant ML350 G5 server, MS Windows SBS 2003 server operating system
    Effective teamwork, own mail server and secure data storage are enabled by the modern server that greatly enhance our work.

  • 3 pcs PC work stations with MS Windows Vista, MS Office 2007
    3 pcs of CAD/CAM designer workstation have been supported.

  • XEROX 5225 multifunction network printer, copier
    Powerful equipment, which provides high-quality service to the designers and office team.

  • Fiers Production System
    The system keeps track of all operational resources, supports the recording and accounting the activities in the plant. With its support fast recording of work and accurate settlement can be made, which will increase the capacity of PLASTIC-FORM Ltd.

  • Manufacturing process development
    Building the measuring room. The "Coord 3" type of coordinate measuring machine, as well as a “MEO” job desk has been installed into this room.

  • "CME FS 2” CNC milling machine
    The new machine is able to work with even bigger work pieces. Sizes: X=2000; Y=1000; Z=1000 mm), MAX load: 5500 kg

  • "ONA NX6” EDM
    The new machine is able to work with even bigger work pieces. Sizes: X=1000; Y=600; Z=500 mm), MAX load: 4000 kg