Quality Assurance

Our company is constantly upgrading the development and quality management system. For the first step we integrated a special, production-registry software which is able to collect the tool design/build data (for example: status of project, orders status, deadlines, efficiency tracking, machine hours, CAD/CAM data tracking, ETC.)

As a result of the continuous development PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. got the ISO EN 9001:2000 certificate in March of 2004.

The quality is supported by a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and a 3D scanner too.


Needs of the market and competition battle we have to match to our buyer’s needs, with our economy and prices. Because of this, the results of our production process are constantly compared to our plans.

As a tribute to our evolved relationships and the quality of our products, we achieved a determining level the quantity of moulds produced for the automotive industry, as well as its repairs, maintenance works.

To sustain the achieved results will require the adequacy to the higher level of more advanced expectations. For this reason it’s an important task to modernize our machines, improving the used technology and assure a higher level of quality checking.

For the continuous development and raising the efficiency we have developed many methods which will help us to design, to decide and control the process and operation.

As part of the supply chain our company conceived the expectations against to the suppliers. We are constantly grading our suppliers, and we are aspiring for that, most of our supplier has to be certified by the quality management system.

Executions of our objective we are strongly rely for our highly experienced and qualified professionals. We believe that the acknowledgement of our workers, assuring the necessary conditions and adequate working environment, will be the base of our workers satisfaction.

MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015
certified, up to date
Quality Assurance system
since March, 2004
ISO 9001 certification of PLASTIC-FORM Ltd.