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Please carefully read the following privacy statement. By visiting of PLASTIC-FORM Ltd.’s sites, as well as entering into the PLASTIC-FORM Ltd’s customer site, you agree with this declaration. If you do not agree with this declaration, please do not enter into the system and do not visit this site!


The PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. takes particular attention due the data management in order to you to comply with the provisions the law of 2011 CXII, about the right to self-determination and freedom of information.
In the following we inform our clients, our visitors about the personal data held by PLASTIC-FORM Ltd., practices due the handling of personal data and the actions taken to protect the personal data as well as the method and opportunities of exercise the client and visitor rights.
The law of 2011 CXII disposes about the right of self-determination and freedom of information. Under the law:
concerned: any identified or defined by personal data or - directly or indirectly - identifiable natural person
personal data: the data can be related to the concerned person - particularly the name, identification, as well as the characteristics of one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of knowledge, as well as relating conclusion can be drawn from the data
contrtibution: voluntary and definite expression of the concerned person’s will, that based on adequate information and which gives the unambiguous consent to the managing of full or expansive to certain procedure for the concerning personal data
objection: the concerned person’s statement which disapprove the handling of personal data, and ask the termination of data management, and ask for deleting of managed data
data controller: natural or legal person as well as organization without legal personality, who is alone or together with others, determines the purpose of data processing, makes decisions for data handling (including the used instruments) and execute it, or executed by a contracted data manager
data management: regardless of the method is used, perform of any operation or set of operations on any data, particularly collecting, recording, storing organizing, modifying, using, querying, forwarding, publishing, coordination or combination, blocking, deleting and destruction, and prevention of data from further use, making of photo, sound or video, as well as storing physical characteristics (eg. fingerprints and palm prints, DNA samples and iris images) that are appropriate to identify the person
Entering your personal data
Your personal data may come to our handling with the following methods:
- With the computer you are using, with web browser, with web address, the technical data related to the visited pages automatically generated in our computer system, which data are used in the data analysis of visitor statistics you use.
- In some cases, anonymous visit identifiers (cookies) can be used in order to optimize the website according to user preference.
- You can also provide your name, contact details or if you wish to contact us (such as sending an email.) Personal contact during the use of the website.
If you voluntarily transmits any of your personal information to PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. (for example: job application, usage of customer site), you give your express consent to record and handle it by PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. – for defined purpose and duration by the nature of transaction.
Data security
The law of 2011 CXII requires that the data must be protected by appropriate actions, especially against unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction, and accidental destruction and damage, as well as against becoming inaccessible resulting from changes in the applied technology. To ensure the above to operate the www.plasticform.hu website and to protect the data, we use servers at completely independent external service providers (Magyar Telecom and MOLEHAND) from PLASTIC-FORM Ltd’s information technology system.
Data management
PLASTIC-FORM LTD. is committed to any customers, visitor personal data has not been taken in public, or make public or available to third parties. All reasonable actions shall be taken at PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. for the purpose of personal data that cannot be made public, as well as knowledge of third parties. PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. does not warrant that displayed when using the applications of personal information will be handled only in ways specified in this privacy statement, because for reasons beyond third parties may be able to unlawfully access information. Similarly, PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. cannot be held responsible, if the personal data of the Customer makes itself available directly or indirectly - for example user name or password for logging improper handling by definition - to third parties who may use it for illegal purposes or ways.
User rights and enforcement options
Visitors, Customers are entitled at any time to request information on PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. of data management in respect of the following contacts:
Email: adatkezeles @ plasticform.hu
Mailing address: 4002 Debrecen, Jégvirág Street 16.
Customers, Clients may also request the correction, deleting or blocking of personal data.