During tool making we use conventional machines, CNC milling centers and laser welding machines. The tool construction and milling programs are made in CREO (PRO-ENGINEER before CREO) and UNIGRAPHICS software.

Conventional machines,
CNC milling centers
and milling programs
for the perfect tools
  • CNC Workstation

  • EDM

  • Laser Welding

Machinery Application area
horizontal milling machine
  • material preparation
  • holes and flat surfaces machining with especially large components
vertical boring machine
  • drilling of water cooling channels and other necessary holes
turning machine
  • shafts, bushing, barrels, discs, or making of workpieces with similar shapes
grinder, surface grinder
  • fitting, guiding, shaping surfaces and heat-treated workpieces are processed with high degree of accuracy
CNC turning machine
  • making of shafts, bushing, barrels, discs, or similar shapes of workpieces with computer control
CNC milling
  • machining of tool accessories
  • making of graphite electrodes
block/wire EDM
  • materials that are electrically conductive (hard metals or materials that wouldn’t be possible to machine with traditional techniques)
  • cutting of difficult contours or delicate cavities
  • making of copper or graphite electrodes to the EDM
laser welding

mobile equipment to repair heavy-weight, big-sized tools and places where difficult to access:

  • filling, adding joint at worn edges
  • repairing hot channels, nozzles, tips
  • repairing at micro-size
  • changing or repairing damaged, worn tools
  • repairing on polished surfaces