Total tooling management

With our partners needs we are able to manage the whole process, therefore we can assure entire service. According to „total tooling management” in house cooperated with the technical team of our partners we can develop the final products.

Within the product- and tool design process CAD/CAM systems are available (3D design). Based on the final designs using the best materials and accessories, controlled by experienced professionals the prototype or serial tools are assembled. The final tools can be tried in our strategic partner’s plant, in case of need proto parts can be produced, and also we can go for serial production.

Full service of tooling management realized by our company can take off the weight of tool making from your shoulders to save you money, time and human resources.

  • Tool Planning

  • Tool Production

  • Transportation

New injection and blow moulding tool production

PLASTIC-FORM Ltd. makes injection and blow moulding tools – from couple of hundreds prototype parts to hundreds of thousands serial production parts capable tools.

We love challenges and we are open to design and produce the tool for any injected or blow-moulded plastic part, from the easiest product to the most difficult 3D geometry plastic product. Our tools have high-efficiency, long lifetime and thanks to the used materials as well as highly trained professionals, excellent quality. Our performance is proved by the increasing number of references in different application areas (automotive parts, household products, industrial machineries, hand tools, etc.).

Reparations, modifications, maintenance of injection moulding and blow moulding tools

It happens very often that already made tools will come back for smaller-bigger modification to suit the customer’s satisfaction. Obviously even a properly used tool requires the systematic maintenance too. In our services the execution of tool modifications, reparation of damaged tools are highly counts which executed with high precision and used the best materials.

The robust, difficultly moveable tools, and in case of difficulty accessible tool surfaces a laser welding machine is available to execute the reparation. The modification design with new/revised CAD data will be used for comparison.

If our customer requires a regular maintenance of the tool than based on the agreed maintenance plan, we are transporting the tool to our site and deliver it back to our customer’s plant after maintenance.

Unique part production

Sometimes our customer does not need tool parts, but needs some special part for their activity. In these cases like this based on individual drawings, we can produce the part in the requested quantity.

Unique machine making

The plastic production companies are facing to the problem in many cases, when some products need special equipment or machines. Typically these machines are the cutting machines for blow-molded parts or holders for further transformation of these parts and cooling fixtures for proper cooling. Beside of these we make checking fixtures also.

External services

We can offer different textured surfaces, which will create beautiful and resistant surface on the plastic part. Our Hungarian and foreign suppliers help us in the texturing process.

The first tool trial and low volume production is possible at local companies, so in this way we can supply the first parts to the customers. New, modified or repaired tools can be supported with few plastic sample parts if it is necessary. There are injection machines up to 650 tons close to PLASTIC-FORM Ltd.


The new, modified and repaired tools can be easily moved to the customers with our own trucks. PLASTIC-FORM Ltd.’s trucks can move up to 24 tons, therefore we can solve almost all transportation task with our own equipment from small to big tool size.